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Servicio externo de preparación y calificación para los estudiantes de Escuni en competencias en lengua y enseñanza del inglés.

Nigel Cowley
Despacho: Cambridge English (3ª Planta)
Horario de atención al público: Miércoles 11:30 h – 12:30 h
Liesbeth Martens
Despacho 103
Horario de atención al público: Miércoles de 13.00 a 14.30 h en el Despacho 103


Presentación del programa

Nigel Cowley, Programme director

Hi all,

I´m Nigel, and my team and I will be helping you prepare for the exams you will need in order to become teachers in the future. You realise that in order to become teachers, all the bilingual schools and private schools need you to demonstrate that you have at least C1 level of English. This is why we are here; to guide you towards this.

It´s so important you remember that we are not here to “teach”. We are here to help you with your future hopes and dreams.

The classes will be only in English (as you would expect). We are also examiners so you can use our experience to help you prepare for this important part of your professional development. We expect commitment and hard work, because this is YOUR future. As you are all adults, we also expect responsibility for your learning.

Above all, we are here to help. Good luck with your studies in ESCUNI.

Nigel Cowley
Programme director